Will the viewers notice enough to care?

Television news is always an interesting business.  While some are convinced of a liberal or conservative bias, the real factor that drives what we see is the bottom line.

Is there a way to reduce costs in how the news is gathered and shared in a way that will not impact ratings? There used to be 2-person crews to shoot the video in addition to the reporter.  In many markets a single person serves as the reporter and the videographer.


This recent story caught my attention via Mashable.  A selfie stick that is being used by a media outlet in Australia.  Reporters are now producing stories entirely on a mobile phone.  It saves the need to buy a camera and could give a story new “authenticity” have an edited piece look more like the videos we all see on Facebook.  Wonder how long it takes before the selfie stick starts showing up here with local tv station logos on them?



TV news will soon come to you from a selfie stick


Dan Murphy, SKY NEWS Business reporter with the LiveU SmartGrip.

The selfie stick backlash may be in full swing, but one Australian television network is hoping the devices are the future of television.In an Australian media first, a number of Sky News reporters will soon be filing stories with the help of a selfie stick cousin, the LiveU SmartGRIP.

Sky News — a sister station to Sky News UK — will be rolling out 12 units to video journalists across Australia, Greg Byrnes, channel manager of Sky News Live, told Mashable Australia in an email. He said a number of their journalists are already using the device in the field.

In a concerning development for cameramen everywhere, the SmartGrip lets reporters attach their smartphone and external microphone to the handheld device and, using LiveU’s LU-Smart mobile app, quickly transmit high-quality footage back to the newsroom.



The SmartGrips will predominantly be used for breaking news. “It means VJ’s will be able to broadcast live from the thick of the action,” Byrnes said.

So far, Sky New’s video journalists have apparently embraced the SmartGrip. “It’s compact, reliable and connects in a matter of seconds,” he said. “Our VJ’s have always been quick to adopt new technology.”

In fact, Sky News has been out front of this selfie stick-meets-news thing for a while now. In an impressive moment of multi-tasking — walking, talking and selfie stick-holding — Sky News UK reporter Joe Tidy interviewed British politician Ed Miliband with one in February.

Making the most of good news


Last week the Andersen Corporation celebrated another milestone. The company broke ground on a project to expand its ReNewal by Andersen window manufacturing plant in Cottage Grove.

This follows the recent news of new jobs and expanded production at the Andersen plan in Bayport that includes creating more than 100 new jobs.

In both cases the company made sure it engaged its employees to share the news and celebrate the good things happening with the company that has weathered the recent recession by making a number of changes to its operation.

As important as it is to be prepared to manage challenging times it is equally important to celebrate and take advantage of good news and positive events. Events like the ground breaking event in Cottage Grove gave the company a chance to make sure the entire team knew what was happening and that the company is doing well. Good strategy that produced a great event.

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